Göran Lindahl, president and chief executive officer of global technology and engineering group ABB, has been named 1999 CEO of the Year by Industry Week magazine.

Lindahl, 54, is the first non-US CEO to achieve this distinction. The US-based magazine cited Lindahl for the strategic changes he has carried out since taking over as CEO at the beginning of 1997. These include the creation with France’s alstom of the ABB Alstom Power joint venture, the world’s largest power generation company.

In August 1999, Industry Week added ABB to its annual list of 100 best-managed companies.

Meanwhile, in recognition of his significant contribution to international water resources management and training of water professionals, the International Institute for Infrastructural, Hydraulic and Environmental Engin-eering has awarded an Honourary Fellowship to Dr Mahmoud A Abu-Zeid.

Abu-Zeid is the Minister of Public Works and Water Resources of Egypt, and is currently the president of the World Water Council. He is also involved with the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage and is playing an important role in the discussions over the future management of the river Nile.