Industrial Nanotech, Inc. (Industrial Nanotech) said that its Turkish distributor, Kolorgen Ltd., has signed a contract with Coats Plc (Coats) for its new nanotechnology based thermal insulation and corrosion resistant productsNansulate EPX And Nansulate High Heat industrial coating. The company's Nansulate products are to coat the machinery in the yarn dyehouse facility located in Bursa, Turkey. The project will start from March 16, 2009.

This is a very important economic indicator for us. Although we were able to maintain our five year track record of triple digit revenue growth in 2008 despite the state of the world economy, our projects in Turkey, including a sale of over $1,000,000 US of our products to another textile plant in Turkey, had been put on hold as the credit crisis accelerated,” said Francesca Crolley, vice president of operations and marketing for Industrial Nanotech. “The start of this second project, which has been planned since 2008, is a good indicator that manufacturing levels are beginning to turn back towards normal, at least in this region, and we anticipate additional progress on other projects in Turkey throughout 2009.”

“Coats was one of the major customers that showed a great interest in Nansulate EPX as soon as we introduced it,” said Vedat Bilgin, president of Kolorgen Ltd., the distributor for Industrial Nanotech in Turkey. “Our initial trials at Coats’ plant showed a significant energy saving potential. We now have a signed contract. All yarn dyehouse machinery will be coated with Nansulate EPX and High Heat. Once that is completed, the project will extend to other areas of the factory as well as factory buildings and other Coats facilities throughout Europe. Energy saving measures have become even more important due to the recent worldwide financial turmoil. Simply, if you don’t get the numbers right, you cannot survive.