As part of the project, IID will finance, build, own, operate, and maintain IV Policy Element, a policy-driven transmission line and collector station in the valley.

Following the approval from CAISO, IID will own an existing 1.2 mile long 230kV transmission line that is linked to the Imperial Valley substation and serve the Campo Verde Solar Project, reported Imperial Valley Press.

The district will own the line and build a three 230-kilovolt bay-switching station to interconnect additional generation projects.

Upon completion, the project will provide renewable-energy generators in the IID system, an additional 800MW to 1,000MW of added export capacity that will directly tie into the CAISO system.

Imperial Irrigation District interim Energy manager Carl Stills said, "Staff has worked tirelessly to establish a transmission framework that will enable renewable-energy projects to move forward-while respecting the district’s autonomy and preserving our balancing authority for the benefit of the IID ratepayer.