The facility is now distributing desalinated water into the city's water system using IDE's reverse osmosis technology.

IDE designed and constructed the facility, which will produce nearly 3 million gallons of water per day, which helps in meeting 30% of the city's demand.

By using seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO), the facility will supply quality water to the City of Santa Barbara.

Seawater will reach the desalination facility from 2,500ft offshore, and then moves through ocean intake pipes installed with wedge wire screens.

Once on shore, the seawater will travel through a pretreatment system that filters out suspended matter and colloids, which will take naturally in seawater such as silt, algae, bacteria and plankton.

Later, the water flows through SWRO membranes to separate the dissolved salts in the seawater

The City of Santa Barbara water resources manager Joshua Haggmark said: "The desalination plant's design includes high-efficiency pumps and motors that reduce the plant's overall electrical demands by 40 percent compared to the last plant.”

IDE Americas CEO Cohen said: “The drinking water produced by the plant allows the City to meet its water requirement while utilizing natural sources alongside continued conservation efforts.”

IDE is engaged in the development, engineering, construction and operation of advanced advanced thermal and membrane desalination facilities and industrial water treatment plants