Iberdrola Ingenieria y Construccion, S.A.U. (Iberdrola) has connected photovoltaic (PV) parks to the grid with a turnover of EUR250 million in 2008, compared to the 100 million in 2007. In 2008, the company has put into operation 12 PV parks with an overall output of 52,200 kilowatt-peak (kWp). These projects include, the parks built in Abertura in Caceres, called Abertura Solar FV I and Abertura Solar FV II, each with an output of 11,550 kWp deserve mention due to their power output and size.

The Abertura park occupies a surface area of almost 200 hectares, and has an annual output equivalent to the electricity required to power 22,570 homes, similar to the population of Merida.

Iberdrola has also connected to the grid other large PV parks in Extremadura, such as the Talayuela I and II parks, which have a surface area of over 60 hectares, and an output of 11.5 megwatt-peak.

The other PV projects connected to the grid in 2008 are: Almazan II (5,600 kWp); Alfaro (1,680 kWp); Ecija I (2,098 kWp); Ecija II (622 kWp); Madrobneras (1,456 kWp); Moratalla FV (1,008 kWp); Noblejas (4,576 kWp) and Quintanar del Rey Fase II (560 kWp).

The Iberdrola PV energy department specializes in turnkey PV construction projects. The work is carried out on the basis of a basic project; solar resources study; construction design; equipment supply; civil works; equipment assembly; electricity installations; project management; start-up and maintenance.

The PV energy department is currently undergoing a process of international expansion, with significant emphasis being placed on photovoltaic energy projects in countries such as Greece, Italy, US, Canada and the Middle East.