As a general EPC contractor, IBC Solar was responsible for the technical detailed planning and construction of all three projects: Hölzengraben project, Sötern project in Saarland, and Sembach project in Kaiserslautern district.

The largest of the three solar parks with around 6.4MWp is the Hölzengraben project in the urban area of Kaiserslautern in south-western Germany. And the other two plants have an output of 1.6MWp each.

A total of 25,400 modules were installed for the Hölzengraben plant, which generates almost 6,000MWh of electricity annually that corresponds to CO2 savings of around 3,700 tonnes a year.

IBC Solar stated that parts of the whole plant are being sold by WVE GmbH Kaiserslautern to investors, including two resident industrial/commercial companies. They will use a 3MW share of the plant for self-consumption.

WVE PV project developer Kurt Schwan said, "Commercial self-consumption is worth it: in Germany, the production costs of solar power are less than 11 cents per kWh. The usual electricity procurement cost for many tradesmen is considerably higher."

Once operational, WVE GmbH will be responsible for the technical management of all three PV power plants and the handover to the investors.