International Battery (IB), a US developer of lithium-ion (Li-ion) rechargeable cells, batteries and energy storage systems (ESS), has introduced its new 24V, 4.1kWh Li-ion energy storage system, IBexus for the storage of solar and other renewable energy sources.

The new IB 24V 008 ESS, which contains eight 160Ah Li-ion iron phosphate cells wired in series, has several energy storage usage, ranging from sustainable home pilot projects to micro grid load shifting applications.

The battery system features contactor, current shunt and thermal management controls and includes RS232, RS485, CANbus, Modbus or Ethernet communications, a PC graphical user interface and data log functionality for communication with IB technical support resources.

The IBexus battery system is scalable from kilowatt-hours to megawatt-hours and has been designed to offer quick charge times, small footprint, light weight, enhanced cycle life and low maintenance, thereby improving cell performance.

The IBexus battery system, which is currently undergoing an evaluation by Drexel University’s Department of Electric & Computer Engineering’s Center for Electrical Power Engineering in Philadelphia, will also be available with 60Ah cell capacity and 48V options in the future.

International Battery vice president of business development John Battaglini said that the company is very excited to formally launch its new IBexus energy storage system to the marketplace.

“Customers are finding that our large-format lithium battery systems are a great alternative to lead-acid batteries based on increased energy density, improved cycle life and robust performance across a wider temperature range,” Battaglini said.