Hydrogenics Corporation has begun work on the INGRID project that seeks to substantiate usage of hydrogen as renewable energy fuel.

The project is expected to cost €23.9m will be executed by a consortium consisting of Engineering Ingegneria Informatica, Agenzia per la tecnologia e l’Innovazione, Enel Distribuzione, McPhy Energy, Ricerca sul Sistema Energetic and TECNALIA besides Hydrogenics.

The European Commission will fund €13.8m of the project cost and the project is expected to take four years for completion.

The consortium will design, build, deploy and operate a 39MW energy storage facility Puglia, Italy using a hydrogen-based solid state storage and Hydrogenics electrolysis technology and fuel cell power systems.

The solid state hydrogen energy storage installation is expected to store about 1 ton of hydrogen, is according to the company the largest such facility ever built.