alstom Power has received a new order to supply a high voltage Powerformer generator to Swedish utility Fortum Kraft, which owns 40 hydro power plants in central Sweden.

The Powerformer — which can generate at high voltage, feeding electricity directly into the transmission network without the need for a step-up transformer — will be installed at Höljebro hydro power plant on the Ljusnan river. This will be the world’s fourth Powerformer and is set to replace the plant’s two oldest units which date back to the 1930s.

The new generator will be connected directly to the 80kV network and will be installed into an extension of the existing power house. The upgraded power plant is scheduled to enter into operation in June 2001.

Comparative life cycle assessments of Powerformer and traditional generator technology are reported to have shown that reducing the size of the power plant and number of components lowers associated maintenance costs and energy losses.

Installing Powerformer in Höljebro, together with the environmental benefits of the high voltage cable technology applied in the generator, will give a saving equivalent to a value of US$1.7M.

The Swedish National Energy Administration is also backing the installation in Höljebro by providing Fortum Kraft with support for the project.