Starting February 2010, Edal Re will install 15kW power islands, designed by its engineers, combining photovoltaic arrays and Helix Wind S594 vertical axis wind turbines to replace 2.3MW fossil thermal generation. The provision of the turbines to the project is subject to completion of standard testing.

The project is part of the World Bank’s renewable energy in rural market project, a programme providing clean energy to rural communities in Argentina.

Javier Wolcoff, director of Edal Re, said: “Wind turbines are the perfect complement to the project’s solar arrays since the most predominant winds in the high desert occur once the sun goes down. Helix Wind offers a robust, reliable turbine that can withstand the brutal northwest Argentinean winds, is easy to install in remote locations and requires little to no maintenance.”

Ian Gardner, CEO of Helix Wind, said: ” Edal Re was the very first company to sign a distributorship agreement with Helix Wind, and as a result, holds the right to commercialize Helix Wind turbines in much of South America and Netherlands Antilles. We’re excited to be working with Edal to develop renewable energy solutions for Jujuy Province.”