Air conditioning for buildings in hot climates consumes 70% of the buildings electrical energy. So in replacing that electrical demand, coming from conventional power generation, solar cooling displaces carbon dioxide and so creates a sustainable and renewable alternative.

The system is part of a comparative programme to use heat generated by the sun to power an absorption chiller that feeds cold water to the air conditioning loop. The HelioDynamics solar concentrator is available for the generation of industrial grade heat at temperatures in excess of 185°C.

It uses EnergyMixx developed technology employing simple flat glass mirrors held within a lightweight, low cost but robust aluminium frame. The unique configuration of upward facing mirrors reflecting onto a downward looking receiver, which concentrates the sunlight further and creates high but controllable temperatures which in turn heats water (within the receiver) which is fed to the chiller.

Artur Dela the chairman of EnergyMixx commented “It is a significant milestone in the development of HelioDynamics to see the successful commissioning of the project for Southern California Gas Co.. We have a significant number of similar projects in the pipeline in the USA, Brazil and Gulf States. I am sure that the rapid start up of this system and the way it has performed will give our many clients around the world confidence that the HelioDynamics concentrating technology is reliable, low cost and a major step forward in solar technology.”