Burbank Water & Power has selected GRIDiant to provide its GRIDview Asset Loading & Voltage Monitoring, an advanced grid management software application for identifying and monitoring asset loads and voltages on the network for improved reliability and performance.

GRIDview Asset Loading & Voltage Monitoring features geospatial network visualization, powerflow and patented grid analytics, provided to BWP under license from GRIDiant.

The application provides BWP engineers and executives new capabilities for visualizing and analyzing loading profiles from the substation to the distribution transformer, as well as monitoring voltage levels through the use of AMI data.

Further, GRIDiant’s team of advanced power engineers will utilize GRIDiant’s GRIDplan FCI application, to analyze BWP’s network to determine the optimal number and placement of Fault Circuit Indicators necessary to provide significant improvements in CAIDI and outage response times.

Burbank Water and Power senior electrical engineer Riad Sleiman said, "Burbank Water and Power has partly been leveraging its investment in AMI by using the data in a new light of engineering practice which has improved field troubleshooting, capital spending, and maintenance of equipment. Having a tool such as GRIDview will cast aside the complicated spaghetti-coded spreadsheets our engineers are using and simplify the data for use by our entire organization.

"Not only will this software save the organization labor hours, it will quantify a dollar amount behind your decision based on power losses and the impact on equipment life. As an engineer, I will have a granular view of the cost impact my design will have on my organization in the years to come," Sleiman added.

GRIDiant’s president and CTO Soorya Kuloor said "We are very pleased to include Burbank Water and Power in our list of California municipal utility customers, who are advancing their grid modernization programs and maximizing smart grid investments through the use of our advanced grid analytics.

"GRIDview Asset Loading & Voltage Monitoring is one of several advanced analytics applications offered by GRIDiant that enable utility companies to leverage current smart grid investments to drive improved reliability, power quality, technical and non-technical losses and asset integration," Kuloor added.