The Energy Tree is expected to generate 1MW of clean energy, as well as potentially create new, green jobs throughout the state of Nevada.

The Energy Tree utilizes a 40ft tower including photovoltaic panels, wind turbines and a generator. It is powered by ethanol provided by GreenHouse, which is repurposed from organic waste.

Russ Earnshaw, president of GreenHouse, said: “We plan to use this project as a model for deploying scalable, alternative energy resources nationwide. Our goal is to help reduce the nation’s dependence on foreign oil, while at the same time support economic growth through green job creation in the US.”

Dan Parmley Sr, CEO/Inventor of Teeco International, said: “Teeco International is very excited about being able to deliver this unique rapid-deployment energy project with GreenHouse, which will be incorporated into the Energy Tree. Together, we will make viable alternatives to fossil-fuel based solutions globally, starting in Las Vegas.”