This 12 steel pipeline is capable of carrying 1mmscmd of gas at 15 bar and will be catering to the requirements of customers in the Burnpur, Asansol, Neamatpur, and Kulti area.

Prashant Modi, president and chief operating officer, Great Eastern Energy, commented:

Great Eastern Energy is delighted to commission its second trunk pipeline connecting its Central Gathering Station to Kulti, thus achieving another milestone in the construction of its pipelines and midstream infrastructure.

As of January 27, 2009, the company had laid 31.97 kilometers of the MDPE pipeline within its license area, connecting 22 wells to the gas gathering station. A contract for connecting the other wells has been finalized and work is expected to start within the next three weeks.

The company has also laid 24.27 kilometers of the steel pipeline, as on April 15, 2009, which connects the central gathering station in Asansol to Durgapur through the towns of Nigha and Raniganj. The pipeline upto Nigha is nearing completion and partial testing of the same has commenced.