Google has signed power purchase agreements with EDF Renewable Energy and Avangrid Renewables to buy a total of 396MW of clean energy.

As per the deals, EDF Renewable Energy will supply 200MW of electricity from its Glaciers Edge Wind Project in Cherokee County, Iowa, to Google.

Avangrid Renewables will supply 196MW of clean energy from its two wind farms including Coyote Ridge and Tatanka Ridge Wind Farms in Brookings and Deuel counties, each 98 MW, just northeast of Brookings, South Dakota.

The Glaciers Edge Wind Project is expected to come online in December 2019. During the construction phase, it could create more than 150 local jobs, while adding a million dollars into the local economy.

EDF RE Power Marketing Director Dai Owen said: “The strong U.S. wind market relies in part on America’s corporate sector and companies like Google, who through the purchase of wind energy demonstrate leadership in the drive for a low-carbon economy.

“Their commitment allows Glaciers Edge to proceed, providing an economic boost to the Iowa economy, through new construction and operations jobs, expanded tax base, and recurring, long-term income for participating landowners.”

The two wind farms from Avangrid Renewables have the capacity of generating enough power to be supplied to more than 50,000 average households.

These two are also in their construction phase and once online, the three wind farms are anticipated to help Google to purchase renewable electricity to power global operations.

Avangrid Renewables president and CEO Laura Beane said: “Working with partners like Google who have made a commitment to 100% renewable energy for their global operations is exciting and inspiring.

“This partnership creates a positive impact in these local communities, delivering jobs, new investment and economic development for rural America while advancing our country’s energy independence.”

Google global infrastructure director Gary Demasi said. “With solar and wind declining dramatically in cost and propelling significant employment growth, the transition to clean energy is driving unprecedented economic opportunity and doing so faster than we ever anticipated.”

Image: Avangrid Renewables' 150 MW MinnDakota Wind Farm, a portion of which is located in Brookings County, South Dakota, has been operating since 2008. Photo: Courtesy of Business Wire.