As of 7 January 2014, Goldpoly has completed grid connection for 13 solar power plants with an aggregate grid connected capacity of 531.7MW.

The connected solar power plants are situated in Shenzhen of Guangdong Province with 2.1MW, Quanzhou of Fujian Province with 10.8MW, Jiayuguan of Gansu Province with 100MW, Gonghe of Qinghai Province with 200MW, Xuzhou of Jiangsu Province with 23.8MW and Inner Mongolia with 195MW.

Alan LI, Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer of Goldpoly, said: "Goldpoly has successfully achieved grid connection for a total of 531.7MW solar power plants which reaches the Company’s target as well as delivers on our promise to the market and shareholders.

"In this new year, we will continuously strengthen collaboration with industry leaders by leveraging on the advantageous resources of our shareholder CMNE, in order to actively develop solar power plants in domestic and overseas markets. We make one step closer to our goal of building the most efficient and professional platform for operating solar power plants in China."