Siemens chose GWS to process preassembly work, main installation, mechanical and electrical completion, cold commissioning and 500 hours service.

GWS stated that its other activities will be completed by the end of September.

GWS lead site manager Michael Bialaska said: “The weather has been challenging at times, we have faced a lot of strong winds, with speeds up to 35 metres per second. The installation was completed successfully due to our focus on health and safety and our skilled and dedicated technicians.”

Currently, the Clyde wind farm has 152 units of 2.3-MW machines, provided by Siemens.

The extension project will bolster the capacity of the farm by 172.8 MW with the installation of 54 Siemens SWT-3.2-101 wind turbines.

On completion, the Clyde wind farm will have a capacity of 520MW that is equivalent to the renewable energy consumed by 240,000 houses in Europe.

The wind farm, having 206 wind turbines, is claimed to be the third largest onshore wind farm in Europe.

GWS, established in 2008, has over 1000 employees to serve wind farm projects across the globe. The firm was founded by Lars Bo Petersen and Michael Nielsen and was later acquired by Olsen Windcarrier in 2009.