Global Energy Development will acquire 100sq km of new 3D seismic over its Bolivar Association Contract area in Colombia.

The company said that the company had earlier reprocessed existing seismic over the contract area and made an exhaustive interpretation.

The acquisition and interpretation of the new seismic data will enable the company to validate the previous interpretation and establish the optimum position of the future wells slated to be drilled on the contract area.

Although the major structural elements of the block have been delineated using older vintage 2D seismic, the much higher resolution data gained from a 3D survey will identify the smaller features and ensure proper placement of lateral wellbores in the fractured reservoirs.

The company has engaged Third Coast Enterpises to support the design of an approximately 100sq km 3D survey and is currently in the process of soliciting bids for selection of an acquisition company.

Once the design phase is completed and an acquisition company is selected, the company plans to move to the permitting and acquisition phase of the projects.