GK Smart Energy Solutions (GK SES) is using Semitech Semiconductor's SM6401 power line communications (PLC) SoC in its advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) deployed in Europe.

GK SES developed AMI control systems that cover the entire metering process, from stable mass data up to integration into existing IT structures.

These systems support about 250 end users per concentrator, with data memory stored in meter and concentrator and integrated security (on PLC and IP).

By enabling connectivity via PLC between utilities and homeowners, utilities can now communicate power information in near real-time, collect power generation information and provide an energy management platform that benefits all parties involved.

GK SES CTO Thomas Grieche said the company’s individual system approach offers customizable, ecological and economically reasonable integration of each business environment into a future-proof, sustainable AMR/AMI structure.

"Semitech’s SM6401 is a key part of the equation, as it enables highly reliable communications, over long distances with high packet throughput," Grieche said.

GK SES combined the inherent flexibility and advanced features of Semitech’s SM6401 with the GK SES software to increase efficiency, reduce installation and maintenance efforts and minimize costs, the companies said.

GK SES, headquartered in Munich, Germany, is a provider of AMI solutions and PLC platforms that allow users to remotely manage smart meters, street lights and connected machines.