Gilkes has been contracted by SSE to supply turbine, generator and control system packages to operate on the compensation flows of three existing power stations.

Under the terms of the deal, Gilkes will be supplying a Turgo turbine and Pelton turbine respectively for the Lussa & Nostie Bridge schemes. In wanting to provide a robust but simple system for SSE, Gilkes said it has taken inspiration from a historical idea for the units – manual actuation. Both turbines will be fitted with manual spear valves that will be set during commissioning to pass the required compensation flows at minimum head. Both turbines will be fitted with a deflector system that will engage in a failsafe manner in the event of load rejection. This will allow for an uninterrupted flow through the system whilst protecting the rotating assembly of the turbine, said the company.

The compensation turbine for the third scheme at Truim will be a Francis turbine of standard design that will be paired with a synchronised bypass line. In the event of a load rejection, the Gilkes supplied control system will send a signal for the bypass line to open in failsafe manner to ensure that the compensation flows are maintained whilst the turbine is put through a controlled shut down sequence.

Gilkes has been supplying hydroelectric turbines to SSE since 1948, with over 25 turbines installed on its sites.