The Asian Development Bank has commissioned GHD to deliver the technical assistance (TA) programme to support the implementation of the Hunan Flood Management Sector project (HFMSP) in China.

The advisory TA programme involves three components – a review and analysis of Hunan province’s existing flood warning system that optimises hydrometeorological data collection and flood preparedness; a feasibility assessment of providing flood insurance to an agreed pilot area; and an Annual Planning and Management system for all flood management interventions and activities in Hunan.

GHD’s China Operating Centre Manager, Dr Jin Zhang Zou, said: ‘This TA project will assist in strengthening the adoption of non-structural measures in the Hunan province to reduce the region’s dependence on structural measures for flood control, and reflects the government’s move from immediate flood control to a more integrated management approach.’

As part of the recently delivered National Flood Management Strategy Study for China, GHD reported on the review of structural and non-structural measures and assessed their effectiveness. In addition, the company provided a framework of flood mitigation and floodplain management, and action plans to implement integrated flood mitigation and floodplains management approaches.