Bio-fuels company Gevo has announced providing fuel for the first alcohol-to-jet (ATJ) fuel test flight conducted in partnership with Air Force Research Laboratories (AFRL), the Air Force Alternative Fuels Certification Division (AFCD) and the 40 Flight-Test Squadron.

Single-seat aircraft A-10 Thunder Bolt that was powered by two high-bypass GE TF34 turbofan engines used a Gevo-produced blend of 50% ATJ fuel and 50% jet propellant fuel to conduct various tests during the test flight.

Gevo president and CEO Chris Ryan said that the test flight shows that ATJ fuel is a technically viable and promising alternative for both military and commercial applications.

"We’ve validated that ATJ from isobutanol is a clean burning, homegrown, drop-in jet fuel," added Ryan.

With the completion of testing ATJ from isobutanol is now one step closer to commercial production.

Gevo was handed a contract by the US Air Force last year to provide 11,000 gallons of its ATJ fuel derived from isobutanol for testing by the AFCD.