Bio-fuels company Gevo signed a joint development agreement (JDA) with Beta Renewables to develop an integrated process for bio-based isobutanol production from cellulosic, non- food biomass.

Under the JDA Gevo’s GIFT and ATJ technologies will be integrated with Beta Renewabales’ PROESA technology to set up production plants in areas of cellulosic feedstock availability.

The commercialization of the project, upon its success, is also part of the JDA. Commercialization will lead to production of competitively priced jet fuel and other chemicals and fuels made from isobutanol.

Commenting on the signing of the JDA, Gevo president and COO Chris Ryan said the technology allows the company access to a larger pool of carbohydrates as feedstock to produce isobutanol.

Beta Renewables is a joint venture between Chemtex and TPG Capital.
Gevo and Beta Renewables are now considering future opportunities to partner with each other on US or international projects.