Tennet TSO and TransnetBW, the two power-grid operators in Germany, have asked four gas-fired power plants to secure transport capacity for the fuel to avoid production outages.

Tennet asked EON Kraftwerke, a unit of German utility EON, to ensure that Irsching 5, and Franken 1 & 2 plants are ready to generate power in case of gas supply bottlenecks.

Tennet spokeswoman Ulrike Hoerchens told Bloomberg that the operator has asked to secure transport capacities for January 2013.

"At the end of the month, we will review the situation," Hoerchens added.

The fossil-fuel generating stations, located in the south of Germany, have a combined net capacity of 1,669MW, according to EON.

The latest move is aimed at ensuring uninterrupted power supply, particularly following a collapse of the electricity grid in February 2012.

TransnetBW also asked EnBW Kraftwerke, the plant operating unit of EnBW Energie Baden-Wuerttemberg, to secure gas supply for its 353MW gas-fired plant in Karlsruhe, Regina Koenig.