German generation players have begun to publish production data on the web site of the Leipzig-based European Energy Exchange (

Plant operators EnBW, E.On, RWE and Vattenfall Europe have agreed to the central publication of market information to make market activities more transparent.

The companies hope the measure will improve the efficiency of the wholesale electricity market and are calling on other European generators to follow suit, believing this is the only way to achieve a comprehensive view of the market.

The data includes generation available on a daily basis by energy source and installed capacity in Germany, the available capacity aggregated for the next day and the following 364 days as well as the effective net-electricity generation per hour of the previous day. “This move of the four big German utilities sets standards for transparency in the energy market in continental Europe,” said Dr. Hans-Bernd Menzel, chief executive of EEX.

The initiative publishes data from plants generating at least 20 MW.