The total installed geothermal power capacity in the US increased by 147.05MW since March 2012, representing a 5% growth for the year.

According to a report published by trade body – Geothermal Energy Association, seven new projects were made operational in 2012, including the first co-production plant.

A first of kinds hybrid solar-geothermal plant was also connected to the grid during 2012, although no new geothermal capacity was added at this plant.

The report, titled ‘US Geothermal Power Production and Development Report,’ outlined that currently 175 projects are under development in the country, poised to further increase the share of renewable power generation.

"At the end 2012, geothermal energy accounted for roughly a third of a percent of total installed operating capacity in the United States. Additionally, Geothermal was about 1% of new renewable energy projects brought online in 2012," outlined the report.

The development pipeline of geothermal resources in the US, according to the report, currently totals 5,150-5,523MW with 2,511-2,606MW in potential capacity additions to take place in the next decade.