The project will produce 641.1 million kWh per year.

The project has an upper cascade, Dakr’Tih 1, and a lower cascade, Dakr’Tih 2.

Dakr’Tih 1 has 2 x 41 megawatt (MW) capacity and four earth filled dams an ogee gated spillway, three connecting canals, 1400 meter long canal, intake, steel penstock, and above-ground powerhouse and switchyard.

Dakr’Tih 2 has 2 x 29.5 MW capacity and features a spillway, intake, 2700 meter long circular concrete lined power tunnel, cylinder surge tank, circular steel penstock, and an above-ground powerhouse and switchyard.

DakR’Tih will both supply electricity and contribute water for thousands of hectares of vegetable farms.