Genencor International, Inc. (Genencor International), a division of Danisco A/S, has collaborated with BRAIN AG (BRAIN) for the production of biobased fermentative industrially relevant biochemicals from renewable raw materials. Genencor International will utilize its capabilities in metabolic pathway engineering and biomanufacturing of industrial bio-products and BRAIN to pursue product targets for the chemical industry.

BRAIN will provide Genencor International access to these technologies and especially to its vast metagenome resources of some 150 million genes of yet uncultured microorganisms. Enzymes and biosynthetic pathways of interest will then be genetically engineered in microbial production strains for the production of important biochemicals. The products can replace petrochemicals and be used in e.g. biofuels, plastics, rubber, adhesives and cosmetics.

This new collaboration announced today expands upon the successful collaboration first established in 2004, where the two companies joined forces to develop a new enzyme product platform.

For BRAIN, the collaboration is also an important milestone in the company’s strategy of further expanding its strategic partnerships with globally successful partners from the biochemical industry, thereby strengthening the industrial network at its disposal and ensuring increased support for future projects.

For Genencor International, “the field of innovative biochemicals offers a significant new opportunity for business growth and the strategic application of our core competency in the design and operation of cell factories”, explains Karl Sanford, vice president technology development at Genencor International. “BRAIN’s capabilities and expertise in metagenomic enzyme discovery fits nicely within our model for open innovation where we look to make the transition from bench to market more effective and efficient.”

Genencor International is a US-based manufacturer of genetically modified enzymes.