The former ACC business unit has supplied air pollution control technologies, including its electrostatic precipitators and bag filters for emissions controls for cement, steel and iron industries and power plants in the Indian and Asian markets for more than a decade.

Post acquisition, the unit will work closely with GEA Bischoff, a GEA Process Engineering technology company developing filter technology for emissions controls, to supply the full range of GEA Bischoff technologies to the Indian and Asian markets.

In addition the acquired engineering unit employing engineers with experience in project management, engineering and supply of emission control technologies will supply spray drying absorption desulphurization technology, developed by GEA Process technology company GEA Niro.

The acquired engineering unit , which will be integrated into GEA Process Engineering in India, will continue to market its core technologies in cooperation with GEA Bischoff and GEA Niro from a new office location in Thane.

GEA Process Engineering, India manageing director Srinivasan Subramaniam said that in India emission control equipment is a market segment that will grow steadily on the back of the growth in the country’s economy and its industry, especially the cement, steel and power industries.