General Electric (GE) has secured a contract from APR Energy for the supply of its TM2500 mobile gas turbine generator sets to be used in South Australia.

The contract follows APR Energy’s agreement with South Australian Government to bring GE’s technology to the region. As per the contract, GE will be supplying nine units of TM2500, which can generate more than 250MW of electricity when commissioned in the region.

GE claims that these mobile or trailer-mounted generators can be commissioned within days and can ramp up to full power within minutes to support grid security when the demand for electricity is high.

These units can offer high flexibility, compared to other base-load generation options that are presently available. Each of the TM2500 unit can generate up to 30MW of electricity and can be started progressively depending upon the increase in demand.

GE stated that because of their mobile nature, they can be easily transported via land, sea or air and can be redeployed to other sites within an electricity grid. They can be run on gas or distillate liquid fuel. This adds to the TM2500’s flexibility.

The American electrical generation equipment-maker stated that there are more than 200 of the units already deployed globally and have achieved over 90 million hours of operations, cumulatively.

GE Australia President and CEO Geoff Culbert said: “This is an important day for South Australia and GE is proud to be bringing its state-of-the-art technology to support the state. South Australia is already a world-leader in renewable energy generation and our technology will complement these efforts.

“GE’s TM2500 units are a power plant on wheels. They are a proven technology that will provide secure and reliable power to South Australian businesses and households.”