French energy major GDF Suez has established the Elengy subsidiary for methane tanker activities, and the Storengy subsidiary for underground natural gas storage.

According to the GDF Suez, Elengy encompasses all three of the group’s methane tankers in France, Fos Tonkin, Montoir-de-Bretagne and Fos-Cavaou. It said that, Elengy is responsible for all development, operation and maintenance activities on the methane tankers, as well as for marketing the goods and services directly or indirectly related with the facilities.

Elengy will also make its liquefied natural gas expertise available to the rest of the group to develop international projects. The company has said that both of the subsidiaries will be established as limited companies, fully owned by GDF Suez. Elengy and Storengy will be consolidated on a globally integrated basis.

GDF Suez is an energy service provider company, active in electricity and natural gas, upstream to downstream. It develops its businesses (energy, energy services and environment) responding to energy needs, ensuring the security of supply, fighting against climate change and maximizing the use of resources.