Besides evaluating Utica Shale potential, the company intends to also core the Marcellus and log the full vertical interval including the Oneida formation. Pipelines and related infrastructures are in immediate proximity. Studies compiled by our experienced Utica Geology Team on both successful Utica Energy test wells drilled in 2007 along with related area shale characteristics cumulated over the past year have to date confirmed the potential of the area.

As a result of the on-going permitting review by authorities in New York State and general market conditions, Gastem USA and Utica Energy are presently discussing modifications to the February 2008 Agreement. A revised agreement is expected to be completed shortly.

All Gastem operations in Appalachia are owned, administered and directed by Gastem USA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Gastem.

Gastem chairman and chief executive officer, Raymond Savoie, commented We anticipate the initial drill program will clearly establish favorable economic conditions from multiple pay zones in the column we are targeting. We look forward to initiating our drill program on the first well as soon as possible.

Gastem is a Canada-based hydrocarbon, oil and gas exploration company.