Plawce-2 will be the company’s first horizontal well in Poland, which will be owned 51% and operated by the Polish Oil and Gas Company (POGC) and the remaining 49% will be owned by FX Energy.

In 1984, the Plawce-1 well was drilled by POGC to a depth of 3,970m and encountered a gas saturated column of over 100m in Rotliegend sandstones with tight gas reservoir qualities.

The company said that the well tested gas but was never produced commercially.

The first phase of drilling Plawce-2 will be a vertical well to confirm the rock properties and the thickness of the gas column after which, depending upon the results of the vertical well, a horizontal leg will be drilled.

The company also reported that the Lisewo-1 well is currently drilling at a depth of 300m.

Plawce-2 and Lisewo-1 wells are being drilled under the same JOA where POGC is the operator and owns 51%; FX Energy owns 49%.