Spectra have recently invested in new injection stretch blowmoulding machinery at their busy Suffolk plant to counter increased customer demand.

This follows recent expansion initiatives across all facets of the business, which have seen new blowmoulding machines as well as additional tooling equipment and extra investment in the firm's busy decoration department.

Joe Maynard, Managing Director at Spectra said, "We have seen significant increases in extrusion blow moulding, injection stretch blow moulding and injection moulding projects of late meaning the factory is working flat out to meet demand. Our responsibility is to our customers to deliver on schedule, which is why we have installed extra machines to fulfill obligations to them".

An unprecedented increase in PET projects sees the firm install another injection stretch blow moulding machine, the second in the first six months of this year, with potentially more to come in the future.

Joe Maynard, added, "The ability to be ready and flexible enough to maintain busy periods in order to satisfy customer demand is hugely important to us. Steady expansion across all departments within the business has enabled us to confidently deliver excellent lead times even when we are at our busiest".

As well as investing in the latest machinery and technologies, Spectra have also continued to invest in a number of staff initiatives in order to maintain high levels of excellence.

For example, existing expert technicians recently took part in additional injection stretch blowmoulding training to further develop their understanding of the processes and technologies. Spectra's technicians, all of whom are already industry experts, were given extra instruction on a number of subjects aimed at improving and adding to their existing knowledge of material performances, properties, constraints, and limitations.

Additionally, Spectra have also carried out in-house customer service training programmes as part of the companies on-going commitment to excellence. A number of employees have taken part in training courses aimed at continual improvements to customer responsiveness, building on Spectra's already excellent customer service reputation.

Joe Maynard, said, "Although we continue to expand the business, investing in the most up to date machinery and technology, it is also hugely important for us to invest in our staff to ensure they have the resources and training to give our customers the highest levels of service, quality and responsiveness".