Claimed to be the first Europen factory to start commercial production of dry transformers with a triangle core (TriDry), the unit employees 140 people, and includes a center where product development, in particular optimization of production methods and technologies, will take place.

The TriDry range of transformers offers a reduction in no-load losses by 20%, as well as lower weight and noise levels in comparison to standard dry-type transformers.

ABB Transformers business head Markus Heimbach said the factory is yet another example of the company’s balanced footprint approach.

"It helps us to optimize our operations and presence in the market, leverage skill synergies and serve our customers better," Heimbach added.

The factory is expected to supply two neighbouring ABB plants that manufacture power transformers for voltages up to 500kV, oil-type distribution transformers and amorphous core transformers that offer lower no-load and load losses.

The modular design of the factory enables each module to operate independently of each other, reducing power consumption, which together with the installation of dry transformers and a heat exchanger, is expected to yield up to 25% savings in electricity and heating costs.

ABB already hosts several production units, including medium and high-voltage equipment, low-voltage switchgear, high-efficiency electric motors and power electronics, in Poland.

Photo: © Copyright 2014 ABB.