Fuel Tech, a provider of advanced engineering solutions for combustion and emissions control systems for utility and industrial applications, has received multiple air pollution control orders totaling $4.5m in the US, China.

The first order, placed by a major utility and an existing customer, was an award of two ULTRA systems for two large retrofit coal-fired units in China.

Fuel Tech’s ULTRA process provides for the safe and cost-effective on-site conversion of urea to ammonia for use as a reagent in the selective catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxide (NOx), eliminating the hazards associated with the transport, storage and handling of anhydrous or aqueous ammonia.

Fuel Tech plans to deliver air pollution control equipment later this year.

The second order, also placed by an existing customer, consisted of a NOxOUT Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction (SNCR) project for four new industrial coal-fired boilers in China.

The company intends to deliver the second equipment later this year.

Fuel Tech also received awards for two additional SNCR projects, the first for an industrial boiler in a refinery in Argentina, and the second for an industrial unit in the northeastern US.

Equipment deliveries for these US orders are currently scheduled for later this year.

Additional orders in the US market included, preliminary engineering for an SNCR system on a coal-fired utility unit, SNCR modeling for multiple utility units, and Low NOx Burner replacement components.