The general manager of the Ertan Hydroelectric Development Company, Liu Junfeng, has said that four large hydro power stations will be built on the Yalongjiang river, according to the Xinhua news agency. The stations will have a total installed capacity of 9.05M kW, and will be situated on the upper reaches of the river.

The Yalongjiang river has an estimated hydro power generating potential of 33.4M kW, with the possibility of constructing 21 hydro power plants.

According to Junfeng, 400M yuan (US$57M) has been invested to make preparations for the Guandi and Jinping hydro plants on the Yalongjiang river. The Jinping plant will have an installed capacity of 3.6M kW and will be able to generate 18.2B kWh of electricity each year. Its dam will be 325m high and the plant will cost 30B yuan (US$4.3M) to construct.