Under newly signed license and cooperation agreements with LA Ash Products and Services, LLC, Foster Wheeler has expanded its suite of CFB-related products by offering current and future international CFB clients an environmentally sound method for converting ash into a usable product for stabilization and remediation of soils and land areas or as an aggregate or fill for road and civil construction.

The new offering provides international CFB owners and operators with an alternative to disposing of the ash in landfills.

Under the new offering, Foster Wheeler, LA Ash or its local partners would condition the ash for specific uses using the proprietary process developed by LA Ash and sell it to construction and environmental remediation companies. LA Ash already has extensive experience in processing and marketing ash from Foster Wheeler CFBs in North America.

"A number of our North American clients have been working with LA Ash in recent years," said Byron Roth, Chief Executive Officer of Foster Wheeler North America Corporation. "We are pleased to now offer this green solution to clients in other parts of the world."

"Combining our experience and knowledge in developing beneficial uses of CFB ash with Foster Wheeler’s international CFB business is a win for LA Ash, Foster Wheeler and above all, present and future CFB plant owners," said Gary Livengood, President and Chief Operating Officer of LA Ash Products and Services, LLC.