The system is a self-contained, automated machine, which uses carbon dioxide gas that is diffused and injected into the wastewater to automatically lower the pH to 7.0, which is neutral and safe to discharge.

Concrete is polished and ground with diamond abrasives using water as a lubricant, and the concrete that is removed forms a slurry which is removed by filtration.

The high pH water that is left after filtering is recycled back into the polishing or grinding operation.

However, there is always excess high pH water that must be disposed of, and this water cannot be discharged into the storm water or sewer drain or to the environment without incurring sizable fines from local and state regulatory agencies, Fortrans said.

The system comes complete with an integral 200-gallon tank, pump, a programmable logic controller and Fortrans’ proprietary carbon dioxide diffusion-injection unit.

Fortrans designs and manufactures carbon dioxide-based pH control systems for the ready mix and precast concrete industry.