The world's first combined-cycle power plant based on GE Energy's Frame 6C gas turbine technology has begun commercial operation in Turkey.

A GE 206C package, which includes two Frame 6C gas turbine-generators and one GE steam turbine-generator, is installed at the Kemalpasa power plant in Izmir, Turkey and is owned and operated by Istanbul-based Akenerji.

The 206C combined-cycle configuration offers over 130 MW of output and 54% efficiency, says GE.

The 6C gas turbine is optimised for heat recovery application efficiency although the two turbines were operated commercially in simple cycle during the combined-cycle commissioning phase.

“We are extremely pleased with all of the test results for the new 6C gas turbine. Performances exceeded our test criteria,” said GE’s William Cooney, adding: “This machine represents the flowback of a new technology platform into the 40 MW class, and allows us to offer advanced heavy duty gas turbine technology in this output range.”