The company, in cooperation with the plant owner AREVA, delivered, installed and commissioned the FSS in early July 2011.

During the first phase of OL3 FSS acceptance testing, a battery of tests was performed and approved covering normal operations – from cold shutdown to 100% full power, and from 100% full power to hot, intermediate and cold shutdown, as well as for mid-loop operations and core performance, L-3 MAPPS said.

According to the company, numerous transient tests were also demonstrated.

The OL3 FSS runs on L-3 MAPPS’ Orchid simulation environment, which features advanced instructor station capabilities and a Windows-based graphical simulation environment.

L-3 MAPPS has supplied plant models for the reactor, thermal-hydraulic systems, conventional plant hydraulic systems and electrical systems, as well as certain instrumentation and control (I&C) systems not controlled by the digital control systems (DCS).

The L-3 MAPPS simulation environment is coupled with AREVA- and Siemens-supplied DCSs, replica control room panels, and a stimulated human-machine interface system.

L-3 MAPPS said that the safety system’s DCS is AREVA’s Teleperm XS, and the operational I&C DCS system is Siemens’ SPPA-T2000 with an OM690 human-machine interface.