FEWA has signed contract with Mitsubishi Electric for the installation of a number of 132/33/11 KV Substations in North Emirates.

The agreement was signed by H.E. Mohamad Saleh from FEWA side and Mr.H.Kitajeema, General Manager, from Mitsobishi side, in the presence of senior officials.

H.E. Mohamad Saleh said that these substations will serve Muweihat, Zahra, Hamediya, Jarf and Hleio areas. The contract also includes extension of 132/33 KV Rifaa station by adding a third 90 MVA transformer and three 33/11 KV transformers of 3 X 20/25 MVA capacity to serve H.H. Sheikh Khalifa housing initiatives in samar, Hamraniya and Union University in RAK.

H.E. Mohamad Saleh added that the project value is D.H. 345 million with a completion period of (22) months.