The company will employ the funds for the expansion of the Cerro de Hula Wind Farm in Santa Ana municipality.

Located 22 km south of the capital city of Tegucigalpa, the 102MW farm will now employ an additional 12 turbines of 2MW each, supplied by Spanish manufacturer Gamesa.

The G87 and G-97 turbines will increase the farm’s total installed capacity to 126MW, when fully completed.

Ex-Im Bank chairman and president Fred P. Hochberg noted that the financing will help a successful project build on its existing scale.

"With this project, we’ve achieved an impressive win all around: for exporters, for U.S. workers, and for energy consumers in Honduras, because the wind-driven generators cost less to operate than their equivalent in fossil-fueled equipment," said Hochberg.

The Cerro de Hula Wind Farm currently generates about 6% of the total electrical power in Honduras.