Exoma Energy and CNOOC have spudded the Culloden-1 well in the Galilee Basin, in Central Queensland, Australia.

Culloden-1, the fourth well of Galilee joint venture’s 2012 exploration program, is being drilled by EDA Rig #2 targeting the coal seam gas in Betts Creek and Aramac coal measures.

The coal measures will be cored for desorption testing while the shale formation will be control drilled and tested by chip sampling.

Exoma plans to log the well and test selected intervals to measure permeability.

Dual test of coal seam gas in the Permian coal measures and shale gas and oil in the Cretaceous Toolebuc shale will be undertaken.
Exoma holds a 50% stake in both ATP 991P and the Culloden-1 well.

CNOOC is earning its 50% interest in Exoma’s five Galilee Basin blocks by meeting the initial A$50m of joint venture expenditures.