Exelon Corporation’s (Exelon) 1,178 megawatt (MW) unit 1 at Braidwood nuclear power station in Illinois has increased up to 85% power on early April 22, 2009 from 58% on early April 21, 2009 after exiting a refueling outage over the weekend, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission said. The unit was shut for refueling on March 29, 2009. Earlier to the outage, Exelon said that it would bring in around 1,875 additional workers to support the effort.

At the time of outage, the workers replaced about a third of the reactor’s fuel in addition to other activities.

The unit’s last shut was from about September 30, 2007 to October 26, 2007. It is on an 18-month refueling outage.

The 2,330 MW Braidwood station is located in Braceville in Will county around 60 miles southwest of Chicago and has entered service in 1988. The station has two units: unit 1 and the 1,152 MW unit 2.

The unit 2 at the station continued to operate at full power.

One MW powers around 800 homes in Illinois.