Eudyna Devices Inc. (Eudyna), a Japan based producer of laser diodes, receiver modules, GaAs and InP IC devices, has introduced a new range of high-end components. These components allow new passive optical network (PON) networks and also advanced DWDM applications. The new products build on company’s new heritage of developing and commercializing opto-electronic technologies.

Eudyna has long offered components for new broadband networks, like 10Gbps EMLs, high-sensitivity PIN and APD receivers, and also as burst-mode trans-impedance amplifiers for the PON applications, using its outstanding in-house device technologies.

Masahiro Kobayashi, board member of Eudyna, responsible for Lightwave Business, said, “Eudyna has been the leader for high speed active optical components as well as for mass production of integrated chip technologies such as EML. We are pleased to use our capabilities to expand our offering for advanced DWDM networks and also for PON applications.”

For the high-end DWDM applications, Eudyna has been applying its new device technology to a coaxial-style 10Gbps APD receiver employing TIA plus integrated AGC that provides high gain and also high linearity. The integrated AGC functionality offers for a very robust OSNR performance throughout a broad range of input powers. The coaxial 10Gbps APD receiver provides equivalent performance to that of existing coplanar packaged receivers but in a more compact and a cost-effective form-factor. On the transmitter side, the company has developed a full-C-band tunable laser that has now been taken into production. Among the new features of tunable laser is its capability to supply output powers of up to 17dBm that can be advantageous for the advanced 40Gbps and 100Gbps transmission modulation formats like DQPSK and DP-QPSK. The tunable laser will be provided in an OIF compliant ITLA module.

For new PON applications, Eudyna is launching the ELD5403QK/BH-V/W which is a high-power 10Gbps EML laser that fully meets with emerging IEEE 802.3av 10GBASE-PR-D1,D3 or 10/1GBASE-PRX-D1,D3 standards. The output power is +4dBm minimum, wavelength is 1575-1580nm, and dispersion tolerance is up to 350ps/nm corresponding to 20km SMF. The generally available laser is offered in an XMD-MSA package with an LC receptacle, ELD5403QK-V/W, or a fiber pigtail, ELD5403BH-V/W. Temperature range is 0°C to +75°C for the -V version and -40°C to +90°C for -W version. In addition, the company is launching a TO-can APD receiver for the GPON ITU-T G.984.2 Class C+ application, that builds on it expertise of high-sensitivity APD receivers and burst-mode trans-impedance amplifiers. The APD receiver for Class C+ is available for immediate sampling.

“By working closely with our key customers, Eudyna has been able to introduce a range of unique products that address new market needs,” stated Jane Li, general manager and executive vice president for Eudyna Devices USA, Inc., “By introducing these new products, Eudyna is showing its commitment to apply its technical heritage towards new market solutions.”