The new project will see the development of a comprehensive framework for UAE biofuel supply chain. It includes research and development and expanded investment in feedstock production and refining capability in the UAE and globally.

Funded by Etihad Airways and Boeing, Sustainable Bioenergy Research Consortium of the Masdar Institute is currently working on the research and development of salt-tolerant plants. These plants will produce raw material for the refining processes to produce renewable fuel.

Etihad Airways president and chief executive officer James Hogan said that in collaboration with their partners, their goal is to support and help drive the commercialization of sustainable aviation fuel in Abu Dhabi and globally.

"We have made some important first steps in this process and our continued focus will be to develop further initiatives such as this which will facilitate the availability of sustainable aviation biofuels for Etihad Airways in the coming years," Hogan added.

Besides, Etihad Airways also conducted a demonstration flight with a Boeing 777 powered by the first UAE-produced biokerosene from a plant biomass-processing technology.

This new biofuel was partially converted from biomass by Total and its partner Amyris. Takreer completed the final aviation biofuel distillation of the fuel.

Image: Etihad Airways conducted a demonstration flight with a Boeing 777 with biokerosene fuel. Photo: Courtesy of Masdar Institute of Science and Technology.