Clean technology and energy conservation company MicroPlanet has signed an agreement with Ergon Energy for the distribution of MicroPlanet's voltage management products to customers in Australia.

With an asset base of $6.7 billion, Ergon Energy claims to distribute electricity to approximately 600,000 customers in regional Queensland, Australia.

Ken Ash, general manager of Ergon Energy, said: Ergon Energy is utilizing the MicroPlanet technology internally to improve the quality of supply of our electricity network. We have initially purchased 3,000 MicroPlanet systems for our own network, and then entered into the distribution agreement to supply the product to other utilities and commercial customers.

We are now expecting there will be a wider application for the MicroPlanet product, including energy conservation.

Earlier in the first week of December 2008, MicroPlanet announced that Powercor Australia has placed a commercial order to deploy MicroPlanet products to manage voltage at optimal levels, saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Deliveries for Powercor’s initial order of 30 MicroPlanet systems, valued at US $125,000, are expected to begin in the first quarter of 2009.

MicroPlanet Technology is a clean tech energy conservation company whose technology claims to improve power quality and saves electric energy by the dynamic management of incoming voltage to a home or business.