Equis Energy has commissioned three solar projects – ‘Shichinohe 1’, ‘Shichinohe 5’ and ‘Shichinohe 7’– with a combined 47.5MW of generation capacity in Shichinohe Town in Aomori Prefecture, Japan.

In Aomori, Equis has 10 solar power plants operational and another under construction, with a collective energy generation capacity of over 170 MW. Additionally, in December 2017, Equis expects to commence construction on a new 36 MW wind project.

Serving its solar power plants in Aomori, Equis has a local Operations and Maintenance (O&M) center that facilitates maximum operating efficiency, reduces downtime and mitigates risk. ‘Shichinohe 7’ was developed entirely in-house by Equis, utilising its engineering, procurement, construction management capabilities that allow the company to realise significant development cost and time savings, as well as construction quality benefits.

Overall in Japan, Equis owns 37 projects comprising 0.9 GW and has a further 1.3 GW under development. At its regional headquarters in Tokyo and local offices in Shichinohe, Kasama and Fukushima, Equis employs over 60 professionals well-versed in development, design, project management and investment.

Adam Ballin, Equis Board Director, said, “Equis Energy is proud to be extending our commitment to Aomori Prefecture, and especially Shichinohe Town, where we now have seven solar projects providing clean, low-cost renewable energy; local jobs; and CSR programs that support community development.”

The three Shichinohe projects generate 104,025 MWh of energy per annum and on an annual basis, provide 14,950 households with electricity, save 67,616 tons of CO2 as well as 98.1 million liters of water.