The plant, being built by the Yellow River Water & Hydropower Development Corporation (YRWHDC), will be located in Luoyang City, one of China’s seven ancient capitals.

Xi Xia Yuan will have an installed capacity of 144MW and is expected to provide 583MkWh of electricity annually. It is one of several hydroelectric facilities planned by the Chinese government to increase its electrical supply to meet growing industrial and private demand.

Xi Xia Yuan, along with the Xiaolangdi water conservancy project, completes one of the Yellow river cascade hydro power projects proposed in the Yellow river basin development plan of 1997. The benefits from the Xi Xia Yuan facility will be reverse regulation of water, power generation, irrigation and water supply for farmland.

GE Energy will design, manufacture and supply four 36MW Kaplan turbines; four sets of governors; four 35MW vertical generators; and four sets each of excitation systems and unit automation elements. The scope of the contract also includes a model test, site service, equipment transportation, training, spare parts and special tools.

The turbine-generator sets and related parts will be shipped to the site between January 2005 and August 2007. Three of the units will begin commercial operation between June and December 2007, while the fourth unit will begin in March 2008.

The equipment will be manufactured by GE Hydro Asia from its manufacturing facility in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province.

GE Energy has also received a US$3.33M contract to supply two hydro turbines, generators, additional equipment and services to Fujian Jinzaoqiao Hydropower Company, Ltd. for the Jinzaoqiao hydro power station to be built on the Jinzao river in Fujian Province.

Scheduled to enter service in 2006, the new hydro plant will produce nearly 70MW of electricity for the regional grid to help meet China’s growing power requirements.

Through its GE Hydro Asia unit, the company will provide two 33MW, 234m head Francis hydro turbines, generators, spare parts, special tools and site technical service.

Shipments of the equipment will begin in late 2004 and will be completed by early 2006. The first GE hydro turbine-generator is scheduled to enter commercial operation in April 2006 and the second unit in June 2006.